Affiliated Weavers, your one stop to the crème de la crème world of rugs!

With 60 years of cumulative Industry experience, the executive leadership of Affiliated Weavers boasts of a passion, zeal and vision of art and brings together the finest in artisanry, craftmanship and innovation that creates bespoke and state of the art products. With all these, you can expect meticulously hand selected rugs to elevate your ambience and “delight your senses”

At Affiliated Weavers, a realm of modernity and tradition underlines the choice of every single rug. From organic designs through to colour banks, our rugs are tailored to invigorate pride and delight even for the most discerning lover of rugs.
Our end user experience is defined in our operational DNA and paramount in all we do. We regularly solicit for customer satisfaction which forms an integral part of our philosophy, drives our service delivery and influences our line of products.

In our continued quest for an unparalleled customer experience, we introduce ingenious approaches to creating iconic colour banks and designs that add pride, complement every setting and set up apart in the industry.